Welcome to this website

The initiators of this website are a group of experts interested in speech data with very different backgrounds - oral history, computational linguistics, anthropology, sociolinguistics, phonetics and phonology. We all have an interest in exploring how technology can be integrated into research that involves spoken narratives. 

This may vary from very basic technologies, such as conversion from analogue to digital speech signal, or more elaborate ones, such as ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) applied to automatically generate transcripts of the spoken content. 

We first offer basic information about the epistemological focus of disciplines that deal with speech data. This is followed by an explanation of relevant technologies and related tools that researchers can use. We then share our knowledge in the sections Workshops, showcases and publications

Last but not least, you can access the first concrete result of our efforts: The Transcription Chain, a beta version of an open source service for automatic transcription in English, German, Dutch and Italian.