Metadata Schemas


Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) XML
social science data, mandatory and optional metadata elements for study description, data file description and variable description, codebook version (DDI2 or DDI-C) and lifecycle version (DDI3 or DDI-L)
Dublin Core (DC) XML
basic, generic, discipline-agnostic, web resources, 15 (optional) metadata elements
Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) XML
for mark-up of textual data, e.g. turn takers in speech, typos, formatting text on screen
Data Cite XML, RDF
publishing digital datasets with persistent identifier (DOI), five mandatory and multiple recommended/optional elements, discipline-agnostic
ISO 19115 XML
geographic information
QuDex (Qualitative Data Exchange) XML
rich file-level description, document coding and annotation and intra-collection relationships. Allows identification of data objects such as: Interview transcript or audio recording etc.; Relationship to another data object or part of data; Descriptive categories at the object level, e.g. interview characteristics, interview setting; Capacity to capture rich annotation of parts of data
Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) XML
record research information about people, projects, outputs (publications, patents, products), funding, events, facilities, equipment
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) XML
encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata regarding objects within a digital library
Metadata preparation/markup guidelines QualiBank  
QualiBank Processing Procedures
Metadata preparation/markup procedures QualiBank  
Qualitative data collection ingest processing procedures