Arezzo workshop


As a follow up of the CLARIN-PLUS workshops on Oral History (OH) archives in Oxford (April 2016) and Utrecht (dec 2016), the Arezzo workshop is meant for the finalization of the setup of a transcription chain for OH interviews.

The envisaged outcome of the Arezzo workshop is an implementation plan for an OH transcription chain that can be integrated into the CLARIN infrastructure. Once the implementation plan is written, it will be submitted to CLARIN ERIC for final approval. The funding has been reserved already.

The second workshop (10-12 May 2017) in Arezzo is a two-day workshop for max 30 participants (on invitation only).
Main goal of the workshop is to:

  • finalize the proposal for the "ideal transcription chain" for oral historians
  • find necessary colleagues/partners
  • identify possible (CLARIN) hosts for OH transcription services for the three languages.