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Artificial Intelligence: A broad term related to new technologies where computers show capabilities which substitute the use of human intelligence.

Author - arjan
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Automatic Speech Recognition: the way in which a computer can recognize spoken text and convert it into digital text.

Author - arjan
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Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Author - arjan
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Grapheme-to-Phoneme conversion is a procedure that given the selected language converts an orthographic transcription of a word into a phonetic representation of that word.

Author - arjan
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JavaScript Object Notation: a common data format for storing large data sets in a machine-readable way.

Author - arjan
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Machine Learning

A type of artificial intelligence where an algorithm doesn't just directly do what a programmer has written but the algorithm is trained using large datasets.

Author - arjan
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Synonyms - ML

Data about data; information describing a resource

Author - arjan
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Optical Character Recognition: conversion of text on an image into machine-encoded text

Author - arjan
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Extensible Markup Language: a programming language for formatting text documents in a way that is both human-readable and machine-readable.

Author - arjan
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